Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fox 188


  1. newzad, please see the explaination on:

    Position of point B is the variable here. It may be hard but should not be impossible.
    From Physics longest range is achieved when the angle at B is 45. This translates into y' = 1. BUT there must be a trade-off:
    At 45, some earlier speed may be lost. Don't be surprised if the optimal angle at B is different than 45 !!!

    In this case maximum range is NOT obtained by 45 degrees. It is different.

  2. No! g always cancells out. Which also means that the solution is the same in Jupiter as well.

    For Fox 187, consider the following:
    When the object is climbing from the "lowest point" (y'=0) to B(6,5) (y'=1), it is loosing some speed. So, there should be a point before B(6,5) which may give a longer range.

    And actually there is!