Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fox 13

Options were updated to make it more challenging.


  1. If B is presumed to be (a,b) then the equation of motion is found to be:
    y-b=(x-a)(a/2 -2) -(1/4b)(x-a)^2(a+(a/2-2)^2) using the general equation y=xtan(α)-(g/2)(x/ucos(α))^2 and dy/dx=a/2 -2. Now if the object has to have a horizontal velocity at B then its slope=0 or (a/2 -2=0 or a=4 and b=4 and for the projectile equation, α =0 and thus y=-x^2/16 assuming B as origin but B is at(4,4)and hence the equation of motion is: y-4= -((x-4)^2)(1/16) which reduces to: y=-x^2/16 + x/2 + 3 or Option A.

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