Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fox 185

Red Fox: Hey Polar, check this out; a unique configuration of a circle and a square! Ain't it beautiful?
Polar Fox: Not bad! What'd you have to say about it?
Red Fox: Here I say all fractions are reachable by adding simple tangents and other similar connections.

Polar Fox: Hmmm! Is that not a too strong statement?
Red Fox: Well, imagine drawing new tangents and line segments between existing intersection points.
If you keep on doing that, soon those intersection points will numerically-explode. And you can compute any fraction similar to the answer.
Polar Fox: OK. There are infinitely-many integers but NONE satisfies: a-cube plus b-cube equals to c-cube. Do you have one such a, b, c?
Red Fox: I know Fermat says NO. And I see your point. But this is not the same thing. You can probably span the whole plane like this.

Polar Fox: Fine, give me an 11/19 then.
Red Fox: I got to work on that.


  1. Fox 184
    sin(phi)=1/3 was found
    tırt + 2phi=90

  2. Great!
    tirt is hillarious :)
    Thank you newzad.

  3. I am getting 2/3 :((

  4. Please, administration tell who is correct.

  5. Answer 7/9 was confirmed, meaning solved independently at least twice. You can post your solution here and we can try to see what's goin on.

  6. Thank you! Finally, I got it. Just one thing: who was the genius who created this amazing question?

  7. come on! obviously Chuck Norris is the only genius on earth, so who else?...

    waiting to see this blog come back alive.


  8. Polar Fox post most of the problems here. But he's been buzy. Another way of saying: kinda lazy.
    busy.. lazy..
    busy.. lazy,
    rhymes nicely.

    Chuck Norris counted to infinity, twice.
    Polar Fox counts twice faster.

    He should be back soon after reaching the last digits of Pi. But that laziness again...

  9. ah! in ZFN set theory (Zermelo-Fraenkel-Norris) above statements can be rephrased as: [Polar Fox=Chuck Norris] OR NOT [Chuck Norris is_in Geniuses]. Second leg obviously contradicts axiom 1 of ZFN therefore:
    Polar Fox=Chuck Norris
    I'm impressed...

    btw#1: in ZFN, Gödel's theorem does not hold since CN can always tell right from wrong

    btw#2: PF counting twice faster as CN does not contradict above conclusion because PF=CN counts as fast as he wants to

  10. Chuck Norris? I hate his movies. By the way, I have created a question inspired on this webside, what I have to do in order to poste it? I think it is an interesting question.

  11. Send it to in a readable format.

    If Chuck Norris says OK, we'll publish it!

  12. Done! I sent it using word 03/07

  13. Where can I see the problem if you decide to post it?

  14. Where can I see my problem? :/ Administration ..?