Monday, April 5, 2010

Fox 272

The claim assumes that there is a positive gravity in the given direction.
So, it should hold in Pluto as well.

Himalayan fox: Here is a claim ready to be blown away with a single counterexample. How strong is your theory Polar?
Polar fox: Well, I can smell it.
Himalayan fox: It demands more than that. Are you living in a paper castle ready to be drifted away by the next wind? Or are you a real believer of something that even the strongest quake can not shake you a bit - you stand firmly on the ground?
Polar fox: No problem on my stand man! I am not shaken at all, but... the thing is... the ice is melting!



  2. Newzad, thank you for input.
    "Movements of objects at free space is parabolic. So, One can say that parabolic tracks can represent a circular object movement (Objects must have horizontal velocity)" is not enough. We all know that objects with initial horizontal velocities and under gravitational accelaration follow parabolic trajectories. But that alone is not sufficient to prove the claim. One must show that horizontal displacement due to horizontal component of the velocity is less that horizontal shift enforced by the parabolic trajectory at "any time". In other words, within unit time, say delta t (dt), object can not move long enough horizontally to escape the parabola.