Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fox 265

Polar fox: A little change! Get out of the routine - that's cool, aint it?
Red fox: Little changes lead nowhere! What we need is a whole scale revolution.
Polar fox: What are you suggesting? Rewriting Euclid's axioms?
Red fox: Why not? Define a new basis, set up a new geometry and build a new universe.
Polar fox: Dude, you're beyond here. I think you need a change.


  1. Let the point of tangency be the origin. Hence the larger circle is: x^2+(y+R)^2=R^2. Now consider the line: x=r. This intersects with the larger circle at: (r,-(R+(R^2-r^2)^(1/2)). The given configuration suggests:2r=R+(R^2-r^2)^(1/2)-2r or 4r = R + (R^2-r^2)^(1/2) from where r = 8R/17. And this means tan(Ж)= r/(R-2r)= (8/17)/(1-16/17)= 8 or Option D.