Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fox 344

The answer is not confirmed.

Two flow together
one rises one falls
one after another
one shines one glooms


  1. A tip: the centroid of a semicircle is (4r/3pi) above its center. You know what I mean...

  2. x=[(-pi/8)(-0.5)+(pi/8)(0.5)]/(pi/2)=1/4



  3. I found the same solution: answer E (1/4, 1/pi). But I did it with a little more work! It's not easy to put my full explanation in this textbox...
    For my students I made the following explanation/answer:

  4. same result as Henkie's but with a more geometric flavor to it:

    assume centroid of upper half circle (blue) is given: A(0,4/3pi) as hinted by anonymous, then we can construct centroids of red and green smaller half circles (Thales theorem).

    Yin figure is equivalent to "blue-red+green". Yin centroid Z is the centroid of ABC triangle with respective weights 4, -1, 1. A(4)+B(-1) yields P(3), hence PA/PB=PZ/PC=AZ/BC=1/4 (Thales again). So:


  5. Thank you all for these good solutions. Nice to see a geometric one as well. That's what we're looking for.

    So, here we say:
    When a piece is removed from a whole, then the centroid is pushed out "linearly" and "proportionally".

    When a piece is added to a whole, then the centroid is pulled in "linearly" and "proportionally".

    Rest is simple math.


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