Monday, March 14, 2011

Fox 333

Red Fox: Happy Pi+1 Day!
Himalayan Fox: What is that exactly?
Red: Well, March 14 was the Pi Day, you know, 3.14, and today is March 15th.
Himalayan: But Pi+1 would be 4.14 which is April 14th, isn't it?
Red: Oh, I didn't think that way. Whatever it is, happy March 15th to you brother.
Himalayan: OK, I'll mechanically say "to you too", but can we really happy while thousands of souls swept away with the water?
Red: Well, we can not die with the dead.
Himalayan: But we can help the living.
Red: I hear you brother.
Himalayan: Then we can celebrate 2Pi Day a few months later.


  1. this should not be classified as line integral, but a proper label might be: arc length using integration...

  2. 2pi^2
    nearly maybe

  3. You may be right Newzad - a little more than nearly :)

    And who cares about that boring precision anyway?
    Options will be added later...

    -Polar fox

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  6. Thank you Newzad for this long but great analysis!