Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fox 318

Dervish Fox: I see some beauty between this one and Fox 316.

Red Fox: Would you please help me see that beauty?

Dervish Fox: The term "sin(B)+sin(C)-sin(A)" has evolved into "sin(B+C-A)" in this one. And the rest is identical.

Red Fox: And you found that beautiful?

Dervish Fox: Both answers are very different and very similar at the same time. Don't you feel anything about that?

Red Fox: I am a rational guy. I depend on my intelligence only. I can easily prove both and there is nothing magical or irrational about that. Everything's explainable. Pure and simple!

Dervish Fox: And is that all you can be? Is that the only direction you can grow? Is that who you are, or are you more than that? Why walk when you can fly? Why mutter when you can sing? Why scribble when you can paint?

Red Fox: I think I am starting to feel little bit of annoyance.

Dervish Fox: Not bad for a start my friend, not bad at all !


  1. Personally, a bad start is better than never starting at all.

  2. Personally, a bad start is better than never starting at all.

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