Monday, May 3, 2010

Fox 281

Polar fox: Hey Dervish, listen up! You still believe that the life is beautiful, don't you?
Dervish fox: Most definitely!
Polar fox: Here is my problem: the other day, I killed two little polar bunnies. Where is the beauty in that?
Dervish fox: Did you eat them by yourself?
Polar fox: One was for me; the other was devoured by my cubs in the den.
Dervish fox: How did they feel when they were full? Playfully smiling, right?
Polar fox: Oh, I see where you're going...
Dervish fox: Just like that my friend, death of one may be life for another. Seed decays in the darkness of the soil so that flowers bloom in the sun.
Polar fox: I guess I'll need a heart to believe in what you believe.
Dervish fox: I would start with an eye. Don't just look at it, but try to see...

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  1. Option C
    Assume the intercept on the y-axis to be = a and that on the x-axis to be 1. The four points concerned are (-1,0),(0,a),(1,2a) & (2,3a) or the radius of the circle is 3a. So, 1+4a^2=9a^2 or a = 1/√5 or cot(Ж)= √5